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Re: Building Debian source packages reproducibly (was: Re: [RFC] Proposal for new source format)


On Tue 29 Oct 2019 at 08:32AM +01, Tobias Frost wrote:

>> For example, you would not be able to do this:
>>    git clone salsa:something
>>    cd something
>>    make some straightforward change
>>    git tag    # } [1]
>>    git push   # }
>> Instead you would have to download the .origs and so on, and wait
>> while your machine crunched about unpacking and repacking tarballs,
>> applying patches, etc.
> <IMHO>
> I'm missing a "and then I test my package to ensure it still works before
> upload" step…
> I wonder how someone should test their packages when they do
> not build it locally.
> And if they do (as they should), the advantages you line
> out are simply not there.
> </IMHO>

If you use `dpkg-buildpackage -b` to do your local tests, then the
advantage of not having to go near any source packages remains.

Sean Whitton

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