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Bug#941970: ITP: junit5 -- JUnit regression test framework for Java

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Emmanuel Bourg <ebourg@apache.org>

* Package name    : junit5
  Version         : 5.3.2
  Upstream Author : Sam Brannen, Marc Philipp and contributors
* URL             : https://junit.org/junit5/
* License         : EPL-2.0
  Programming Lang: Java
  Description     : JUnit regression test framework for Java

JUnit is a framework to write repeatable tests.

Unlike previous versions of JUnit, JUnit 5 is composed of several different
modules from three sub-projects: JUnit Platform, JUnit Jupiter and
JUnit Vintage.

The JUnit Platform serves as a foundation for launching testing frameworks
on the JVM. It also defines the TestEngine API for developing a testing
framework that runs on the platform. Furthermore, the platform provides
a Console Launcher to launch the platform from the command line and a JUnit 4
based Runner for running any TestEngine on the platform in a JUnit 4 based
environment. First-class support for the JUnit Platform also exists in popular
IDEs and build tools.

JUnit Jupiter is the combination of the new programming model and extension
model for writing tests and extensions in JUnit 5. The Jupiter sub-project
provides a TestEngine for running Jupiter based tests on the platform.

JUnit Vintage provides a TestEngine for running JUnit 3 and JUnit 4 based
tests on the platform.

This package will be maintained by the Java Team.

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