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Re: When acting as a service admin, it's official, no really.

>>>>> "Alexander" == Alexander Wirt <formorer@debian.org> writes:

    >> I'm sorry, but Bastian's statement was inherently official.  He
    >> was a Salsa Admin, saying something that could only be said in
    >> his official role.  When I took it as an official statement and
    >> acted on it, he thanked me rather than correcting me that it was
    >> only his personal opinion.
    >> It's reasonable for the project to take it that way; many people
    >> did.
    >> It was on Bastian to communicate appropriately within the team.
    >> If that didn't happen, that's an internal team matter.
    Alexander> If we want to announce something, we announce it. Until
    Alexander> we do something like this: of course there can be a
    Alexander> (temporary) veto. You can't expect us to allow things
    Alexander> that will break the service for everybody without
    Alexander> stepping in. That doesn't mean that such things are final
    Alexander> decisions or the we don't work with people to improve/fix
    Alexander> things.

Completely agreed and understood.
Bastian made this clear on the list as well, and demonstrated this by
opening issues (which was in the message just before you joined the

What I'm objecting to is the part where you said that this wasn't a "we"
and that you weren't involved.
When  a Salsa admin does something, it is reasonable for us to talk
about the Salsa admins doing something as a team.

It may well be that there are various appeal avenues open to ask you to
consider changing a decision.
It may well be that the decision is temporary.
It may well be that the team revises internal procedures as a result of
something that happens.

In my opinion grumbling about people treating the team as unified or
grumbling that you weren't involved does not move the discussion

In this instance, I think we've had good engagement.  Bastian pointed
out an issue and is working to describe his/presumably the team's
The initial message was a bit short, but both of you have continued to
engage and refine your position based on that interaction.


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