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Re: Init systems and docker


Am 12.10.19 um 19:00 schrieb Tomas Pospisek:
> However running a service ("a single application") often implies
> surrounding services. F.ex. you want logs to be saved? Maybe you need to
> run cron or at? Maybe you want to get notified about problems, stats,
> whatever via email?
> Now you can start re-implementing all the existing "surrounding" service
> solutions on the outside of the container. Which is a *lot* of complex
> work in my experience. The quick fix to those "surrounding" problems is
> often enough to stand onto proven-to-work shoulders and to install the
> "surrounding services" *inside* the container:
>     apt-get install cron at rsyslogd etc. etc.

I don't see why you say, that you would have to *re-implement* the
surrounding solutions on the outside of the container. From my
experience, the most appropriate solution for having cron, at, and
rsyslogd run alongside you main service would be to put each of them
into their own container and link the containers together as needed.

This might sound more complicated than just installing everything you
need into one container, but container based service management (such as
kubernetes or docker swarm) are (at least in my experience) a lot easier
to manage and more effective, when you consistently separate each
service into its own container.


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