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Re: Integration with systemd

Martin Steigerwald writes ("Re: Integration with systemd"):
> As to this, I did not yet see that the migration of elogind to testing 
> has been accepted.


I find these conversations draining, exhausting, awful.  I am sure
that most people who are sceptical of systemd agree.  The constant
negging and doom-saying is very unpleasant.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, where the real technical work is being done,
systems are being built that run modern software (including GNOME,
whatever the latest daemons, etc.) without systemd.

The question is: are we going to permit those technical contributions
into Debian ?  Are we going to keep making it awkward or are we
actually going to _welcome_ them ?

Are we going to say to those of our contributors who want to see a
nice tidy hegemony, "sure, throw all the sysvinit stuff away, it is OK
to reject the patches with init scripts, it is OK to work to make it
impossible to have this stuff in Debian, even if the software works" ?

And, are we going to continue to wear people down with awful threads
like this one, where a parade of doomsayers tell us we can't have what
we want *even though it already exists and is maintained* ?


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