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Re: Integration with systemd

Marco d'Itri - 31.10.19, 15:45:47 CET:
> On Oct 31, Simon Richter <sjr@debian.org> wrote:
> > The freedom to configure a system without things I do not want is
> > one of the main reasons that made me switch over from Windows to
> > Debian, a bit more than twenty years ago.
> http://www.islinuxaboutchoice.com/

I kindly ask you to stop repeating old arguments.

We have been there before and if this is about throwing links around… I 
can for sure throw in a dozen links how and why using something else 
than Systemd would be better, including with more links to more pages 
and so on.

Please, we have been there before and there is no need to go there 

Can you just agree to disagree so we can see where to go from there?

Please stop making this another thread pro and contra Systemd.


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