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Re: Bits from the DPL (August 2019)

>>>>> "Jonathan" == Jonathan Carter <jcc@debian.org> writes:

    Jonathan> I try to follow debian-devel really closely, and mostly
    Jonathan> manage to succeed, but this was probably the toughest
    Jonathan> topics for me to follow, there's lots of repetition,
    Jonathan> me-toos, posts that don't really address either the issue
    Jonathan> at hand and overall, it just feels like I have to
    Jonathan> fine-comb it for information and my concentration span
    Jonathan> just can't handle it.

This is close enough to repeating myself that I won't do some more than
this last time, but   several people have talked about the role of the
summary in the process.  It's fine if you disagree that the summaries
are sufficient, but  I'd really appreciate it if you would acknowledge
what we've said rather than just ignoring it.

I absolutely agree especially this last thread has been a lot to
follow.  Even I haven't followed it completely enough to produce a
summary yet.
I agree with you that some cultural changes could make this last round
We're all learning together.

But my job as facilitator is to follow everything and produce a summary.
Your job is to follow what you choose to follow and to see if my summary
seems reasonable given how much you follow.
If my summary doesn't seem reasonable in an area, it's worth focusing
some energy there.  That energy can include letting people know that the
summary might not be right and then having people read the relevant part
of the discussion.

You do need to follow the parts of the discussion you most care about
enough to understand and think about arguments others are making so that
people aren't talking past each other.  But it's OK if you don't follow


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