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Secureboot: how to use MOK


I've setup my new laptop with secureboot, and now, I can't use the DKMS
modules from Virtualbox, as they aren't signed. I've been told by Sledge
that I should use MOK to do that, and that DKMS packages are supposed to
have all in them to support MOK.

So my question is:
- where may I find a doc for MOK, as a user. And by that, I don't mean
the official MOK doc, where it explains how to install MOK from scratch
(which isn't useful to me...), but more, how can I just enrol a new key
and sign my kernel modules with them.
- the above probably belongs to debian-users, though, not this one. Is
there a DKMS package out there that supports MOK the correct way, so I
could cheat on it, and contribute this to the Virtualbox package?


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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