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Re: RFC: How about using MRs to communicate the diffs for NMUs with an MR

On Thu, 31 Oct 2019 13:54:11 -0700, Sean Whitton wrote:

> On Thu 31 Oct 2019 at 12:00PM +01, Gert Wollny wrote:
> > "Then, you either prepare the NMU in a fork of the original packaging
> > repository and submit a merge request referencing the bug you are
> > fixing, or send a patch containing the differences between the current
> > package and your proposed NMU to the BTS."
> I'd like to suggest that the nmudiff in the BTS remain the method
> mentioned first, and then you could append "... or if the maintainer
> has enabled MRs for their repo and your changes are based on that repo,
> you can submit a MR instead."

"and your changes are based on that repo" is an important addition.

Still, I'm not quite happy because bugs in the BTS (for team
maintained packages) go to a team mailing list which reaches
everyone, whereas mails from salsa go only to people who changed
their notification setting in order to get those mails.


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