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Re: BITS from the DPL For September/October 2019

>>>>> "Wouter" == Wouter Verhelst <wouter@debian.org> writes:

    Wouter> Having said that,

    Wouter> Sam: I notice that you've not sent a draft of your GR
    Wouter> proposal to the -vote mailing list yet. It has been my
    Wouter> experience over the years that that is not generally a good
    Wouter> idea. The DPL does have the power to bypass much of the GR
    Wouter> procedure, and in urgent situations this is probably a good
    Wouter> thing; but I believe that the drafting of GR ballots in the
    Wouter> open on a public mailinglist is actually an essential part
    Wouter> of the whole GR procedure, which allows people to form an
    Wouter> opinion together, resulting in fewer (but better) options on
    Wouter> the ballot.

I think we agree in part.  I think that an open discussion of the ballot
prior to any formal procedure happening is important.

When I'm ready for that I'll send a draft to debian-vote.

I'll also note that it's rare that the DPL has used their power to call
for a general resolution, and so we actually don't have a lot of
experience with how best to handle things when the DPL is trying to
facilitate a project poll.

Both in DPL facilitated GRs and in other GRs I actually think there's
some important leg work that can be done ahead of the public process.  I
want to come with a ballot that I think is reasonable and an
understanding of some of the issues involved at the beginning of the
public process.  It will make ith easier for me to answer questions and
to facilitate a discussion.

I absolutely agree that a public discussion prior to anyone pushing the
button and getting the secretary involved is important.

I expected to be ready for that a week ago, but I got distracted by my
day job.


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