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rocm-team: in support of AMD's free CUDA counterpart and end NVIDIA monopoly

Hi fellow developers,

As mentioned in a couple of previous mails, e.g.
"... tensorflow ...", and "... anaconda ...".
The license of software stack on nvidia's hardware
accelerator is always a problem. In the past, I helped
Debian's nvidia-team update the nvidia-cuda-toolkit
several times, and packaged some software around it,
even if their proprietary licenses looked disgusting.

AMD finally started to do somthing to attempt ending
nvidia's CUDA monopoly, and created ROCm, a free
(freesoftware licensed) counterpart to CUDA.
Nowadays ROCm has gained support from some major
applications such as tensorflow and pytorch, etc.

And they also created a portability layer so that
existing CUDA code can be compiled to use AMD GPUs:

That means AMD is trying to end nvidia's proprietary
CUDA monopoly. As a free distribution developer I
personally and spiritually support AMD's effort on
this direction.

I created a Salsa team, which could be used to hold
the ROCm software stack packaging:
However I personally don't have any AMD hardware,
so currently I'm still quite conservative in actual
packaging work.

Welcome to join the Salsa ROCm team, in (spiritual)
support of AMD's free software effort.

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