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RFS: uhub RFS: manaplus RFS: plasma-widget-cwp RFS: psi-plus Re: RFS: psi-plus [ping] RFS: gimp-gap: fix FTBFS, libjpeg transition [RFH] for gnatpython [solved] Re: Packaging php app/scripts adopting a package At what point do I create a seperate -doc package for a library? Attempt to dput fails. Becoming DM [was: Re: Tracking RFSs as bugs] Re: Bug#466542: RFS: task-spooler Bug#639995: epigrass does not start on GNOME Can't upload .udeb portion of NMU package Cannot install paraview package decibel-audio-player dh_python2: error: no such option: --with duke University contact E helper-templates-in-copyright experimental or unstable flashcache - call for resolution / seeking for a mentor Heimdall heimdall android flasher How to get a package into experimental How to startx inside a pbuilder-managed chroot? I can not register. moved to new hardware time in sync? New software revision on obj-x86_64-linux-gnu / DEB_BUILD_GNU_TYPE / cmake Package separation/naming conventions Packaging php app/scripts problem with "dput debexpo" packet upload Question about menu files Rejected experimental package (was Re: RFS: roxterm (updated package)) Report from the debconf11 sponsoring/mentors BoF. reportbug: support for pseudo package RFH: libapache2-mod-socket-policy-server (an Apache2 module for serving Adobe socket policy files) RFS: acsccid RFS: animal-sniffer Re: RFS: assimp (3rd try) RFS: bftpd - Very configurable small FTP server RFS: bino RFS: cl-launch, cl-asdf (updated packages) RFS: comex-base Re: RFS: conque Re: RFS: cppcheck, new upstream version 1.50 RFS: decibel-audio-player (Adoption, new upstream release) RFS: devilspie RFS: dfa-programmer RFS: dfu-programmer RFS: diet RFS: django-autoslug RFS: dmaths (Package already in Debian) RFS: doconce Re: RFS: dwm Re: RFS: eviacam RFS: fbautostart Re: RFS: fizsh Re: RFS: flare RFS: Gadmin-samba (adopted package) RFS: gdevilspie RFS: gdigi RFS: gentoo (New upstream version: package already in Debian). RFS: getstream RFS: gimp-gap: fix FTBFS, libjpeg transition RFS: Gkamus Re: RFS: gkrellm-gkrellmpc RFS: glipper RFS: gnustep-back/0.20.1-2 RFS: gnustep-base/1.22.1-1 RFS: gnustep-gui/0.20.0-2 RFS: gnustep-make (updated package) RFS: ibus-unikey RFS: instead RFS: instead-game-cat RFS: jthread RFS: kboot-utils -- needed for d-i to complete on PS3 RFS: kpartsplugin (updated package) RFS: lcmaps RFS: lebiniou RFS: lebiniou (already in Debian, new upstream version: 3.11) RFS: lebiniou-data RFS: libapache2-mod-socket-policy-server (an Apache2 module for serving Adobe socket policy files) RFS: libgetdata 0.7.3-6 -- libraries implementing the Dirfile data format Re: RFS: libharu (updated package) Re: RFS: libpam-abl RFS: libpam-tacplus RFS: libroxml RFS: libswe RFS: logservice RFS: (RC bugfixes) RFS: mail-notification (updated package; NMU for RC bugs among others) RFS: mdadm RFS: mdbtools RFS: mercurial-server RFS: minetest RFS: morse RFS: mpg321 RFS: ndppd Re: RFS: open-axiom RFS: openssn RFS: openssn (2nd try) RFS: pantomime1.2/1.2.0~pre3+snap20071004+dfsg-4 (RC bugfix) RFS: parcellite 1.0.2~rc5-1 (updated package) RFS: peg-solitaire (Update package already in Debian) RFS: pidgin-privacy-please RFS: pidgin-twitter (updated package) RFS: plowshare Re: RFS: presage (updated package) RFS: ptex2tex RFS: ptex2tex (second try) RFS: pygame RFS: pyskein RFS: pysolfc (replacement for removed package: pysol) RFS: pysvn RFS: python-formalchemy (3rd RFS) Re: RFS: python-visvis RFS: qasmixer RFS: qasmixer 0.14.0 RFS: qdbm (updated package) Re: RFS: qmpdclient RFS: roxterm (updated package) RFS: screenkey - utility to display pressed keys in screencasts RFS: sigit RFS: slashtime RFS: slurm 0.4.0-1 RFS: snes9x RFS: spice-vdagent Re: RFS: Sponsor needed for pmwiki RFS: spotweb (new try, with get_orig_source for dfsg source) Re: RFS: spotweb (third version) RFS: swe-standard-data RFS: sxiv RFS: task-spooler RFS: tickr -- GTK-based highly graphically-customizable RSS Feed Ticker RFS: uswsusp RFS: vishnu RFS: watermelons RFS: wcslib RFS: wmmixer RFS: wmmoonclock Re: RFS: xxxterm RFS: yorick (new version, add dbg package) RFS:opensearchserver package Shared libs dependencies The last update was on 13:12 GMT Sun Aug 20. There are 558 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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