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Re: RFS: dwm

2011/9/1 Etienne Millon <etienne.millon@gmail.com>
* Jeremy Allard <elvis4526@gmail.com> [110831 23:04]:
> And just for the curiosity, what you mean by left dh_make template?
> If the package doesn't need for exemple a post-install script,
> should-I delete it or (that's what I tought) I should keep it there
> but with nothing important in? I read all the maintainer guide, it's
> just that I want to do the best package. :-)

If you don't need maintainer scripts, there are no files to provide.
Moreover, those ".ex" files are just examples, not only empty scripts.

Most other templates are described by lintian warnings on :
The most important one is copyright, but your changelog and
README.source are also only templates, I believe.

Etienne Millon

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Ok I understand and thanks you VERY much for the advice. :-)

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