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Re: RFS: dfu-programmer

Le lundi 12 septembre 2011 à 17:32 +0200, Arno Töll a écrit :
> Hi Rodolphe,
> (CC: the WNPP bug and the involved people)
> On 12.09.2011 17:09, Rodolphe Pelloux-Prayer wrote:
> > I am looking for a sponsor for my package "dfu-programmer".
> > 
> > As I forgot to send my ITA after the current maintainer orphaned the
> > package, Uwe Hermann has sent his ITA (#637949). I've see with him and he's agree to
> > let me maintain dfu-programmer. Should I sent a new ITA before or the
> > bug will be closed with the upload ?
> Please don't file any duplicates. If Uwe is indeed ok to let you taking
> over the WNPP bug, please set yourself as owner and go on. Your package
> should close the WNPP bug upon upload.

Ok, thx.

> Besides I'm curious to know what you changed since
> <1312498880.27663.18.camel@chicard>, since you file a new request to
> sponsor your package.

I've just changed Vcs-* from alioth to gitorious (as I didn't receive
any response from collab-maint admin yet).


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