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Re: RFS: decibel-audio-player (Adoption, new upstream release)

On Sep 21, 2011, at 02:40 AM, Thomas Goirand wrote:

>Thanks for the pointer. However, I don't understand this:
>"All packages that use the same namespace have to be
>converted at the same time. Be sure to use Breaks or
>Depends relationships to ensure you cannot mix
>installation of python-support-based packages with
>dh_python2-based ones."
>Can you explain, or even better, enhance the wiki so
>that you wont have to explain to another person?

It's because of the way namespace packages __init__.py files are handled.
Until PEP 382 or 402 lands (which won't help Python 2 at all), you have
package collisions for namespace __init__.py files.  Each Python packaging
regime has its own way of handling this and you don't want conflicting regimes
or you're just asking for trouble.  Thus all packages which share a namespace
must use the same Python helper.

I updated the wiki.


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