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Re: RFS: screenkey - utility to display pressed keys in screencasts

Eshat Cakar <info@eshat.de> writes:

> You can see it in action, in this video
> http://youtu.be/aLtIvEiDD2k?t=2m1s

Great video, cheers!

> I would be glad if someone uploaded this package for me.

While I can't help you with uploading, I glanced over the packaging, and
would like to comment on a few bits and pieces (ie, my usual pedantic,
cosmetic nitpickings):

* upstream README

  You include the upstream README in the packaging, but it does not
  contain any useful information for an end-user: it tells one how to
  install and run the package, and the license.

  When installed from Debian, installation instructions post-install
  time are not useful, and the license is described in the copyright
  file aswell.

  The rest, in the package's long description.

  So, I'd remove this file from the debian binary, on the grounds that
  it serves no useful purpose there.

* debian/rules

  'tis not a sample file anymore! tsk, tsk!

But other than this, the packaging looks solid. Well done!

(If someone could sponsor it, that would be great. I actually had this
package on my "play with it when it enters sid" list, and it's on the
top of that list now. /me wants to play!)


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