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Re: How to startx inside a pbuilder-managed chroot?

hi Francesco,

On Sat, 10 Sep 2011, Francesco Poli wrote:

> What I am trying to do (and failing miserably at) is to start an X
> session inside a throw-away sid chroot environment.

maybe worth mentioning also this approach: I'm using Xepyr to do this,
with some small drawbacks, having also implemented it as common
development flow inside the dyne:III SDK

here an excerpt of the relevant steps:

after a mount -o bind of the usual /sys /proc and /dev i'll start
Xephyr from the "host" system:

	Xephyr -screen $resolution :1 &!

then chroot inside the "guest" system and give these commands:

     	export DISPLAY=localhost:1


	gnome-session (or another window manager)

will start the gnome desktop inside a nested X window.

the drawback is that daemons listening on sockets will overlap and
stuff like gnome-settings will keep spitting back connections errors,
maybe someone has even a solution here so solve that.

FYI the dyneSDK I'm writing to absolve this and other tasks on top of
debian's live-build is here



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