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Re: RFS: conque

* harish badrinath <harishbadrinath@gmail.com>, 2011-08-29, 11:56:
- Your vim dependency ("vim | gvim") is incorrect. In fact the addon doesn't work with vim.basic, provided by package "vim". The package needs a vim that is linked with libpython. We have quite a few such vims, but fortunately all of them provide virtual package "vim-python".

So depends on vim-python|gvim-python ??

There is no such package "gvim-python"...

The pkg-vim mailing list seems to be dead (check the mailing list archive, spammy links posted is "activity" for the last few months).

Really? I just took a look at last month archive[0] and there are:
- 38 messages from BTS (including a dozen about closed bugs);
- 22 messages about commits to the VCS;
- 6 messages from dak and britney about uploads and testing migration;
- 5 spam messages.

I wouldn't call it "dead".

BTW, I filed the bug about typo myself: http://bugs.debian.org/640042

Also one last question, Should i update this email conversation with the changed package on mentors.debian.net or should i paste another RFS

You don't need to post another RFS, just replying to this thread is OK.

[0] http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/pkg-vim-maintainers/2011-August/thread.html

Jakub Wilk

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