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Re: RFS: mail-notification (updated package; NMU for RC bugs among others)

On Wed, Sep 07, 2011 at 10:34:11AM +0200, Adam Borowski wrote:


> > OK - do you have any pointers to migration documentation? The main intent of
> > the NMU was to fix the FTBFS, not really overhaul the whole package, but it
> > would indeed be better to avoid leaving predictable future FTBFSes...
> It seems strange to me to have changes of this scale in a NMU.  Wouldn't you
> rather either hijack the package or talk to Liu Qi about adding yourself as
> a co-maintainer?  Especially since it's your 5th NMU of this package in a
> row, you're kind of its official non-maintainer :p

I've uploaded one the NMUs in the past and last time Liu ACK'ed the NMU
because he had not enough time to care at the time. I think I already
proposed to Steve to take over the whole thing upstream because it's dead
otherwise. Steve and some other people from other distros currently pass
around patches and the mess is getting bigger every other month. :-/


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