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Re: Package separation/naming conventions

Ole Streicher <debian-devel@liska.ath.cx> writes:

>> If it has a contrib/non-free build-dependency, the source package needs
>> to go to contrib as well.  It cannot build binaries in main in that
>> case.
> My problem here is: the source package contains libwcs which may be
> built (and used) completely without non-free dependencies, and libpgsbox
> which needs a non-free library to be built and used.
> Is there a way to get libwcs into main and libpgsbox into contrib?

You have two options, I think (hopefully someone will correct me, if I'm
terribly wrong):

* Either don't build the part which (build-)depends on non-free, and
  don't ship it at all, then both the source and the resulting binaries
  can be in main.

* Split the source package into two: one that contains and builds only
  the completely free parts, and one that builds only the lib that'd go
  into contrib.

Personally, I would go with the first option, unless libpgsbox is really
desperately needed, and splitting the source package is worth the

>  Can I specify build-dependencies separately for each binary package?

Nope, you cannot.


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