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Re: Shared libs dependencies

Gergely Nagy <algernon@balabit.hu> writes:
> Or, to put it in other words: Depends lists the packages your library
> depends on, shlibs lists the libs that packages built against your lib
> should depend on.

So, this means that in the usual cases (like my one) this file looks

libwcs 4 libwcs4 (>= 4.8.1-1)

right? 4.8.1-1 is the current version and the first to be packaged, so
it should be safe to use this one.

>> Then, I should install this in my installation rule in debian/rules [...]
> No. Please read dh_installdeb(1).

>From there, I would assume that I need to create a file
debian/libwcs4.shlibs containing the line


Is this correct? Or do I not need to specify this since libwcs4.shlibs
is a default name? I am also wondering why there are sometimes packages
which dont have shlibs.* and *.shlibs files, but install shared
libraries (popt as an example, or cfitsio3). 

> Perhaps the manual should be updated to point to a simple package that
> does use shlibs still.

It would be nice to add the interface to debhelper there.

>> Then, the policy manual states that I have to put a a call to
>> dpkg-shlibdeps into my debian/rules file, but to which rule do I have
>> to add this?

> debhelper (dh_shlibdeps) does this for you already.


> If I may suggest, I'd urge you to try your hands with something easier
> first. Library packaging is non-trivial, and requires great care, and
> often deeper knowledge of Debian.

Hmm, my main motivation at the end is to put some astrophysical binaries
and python packages (see my ITP list) to Debian, and for this I need to
start with the very first dependency. And since I could clear up almost
all lintian complaints, I would think that this is a good way, isn't it?

Best regards


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