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Re: RFS: eviacam


I've managed to upload eviacam again to mentors site and appears to be lintian clean.




El 24/08/2011 0:25, Cesar Mauri escribió:
Hi Kilian,

Thanks for your review.

The file debian/po/templates.pot has a lot of template headers still
Please fill in all fields that are still holding bogus data.

Done. Also added Catalan and Spanish translations.

However, every time I run debconf-updatepo this file gets overwritten
and so the headers. Is there a way to update this file without losing
the headers?

Regarding the activation I'd still vote for a group to be created and the
chmod to be 4750 if SUID and 0755 if not SUID. You may want to use
dpkg-statoverride for this to set both user:group and chmod
permissions in
one line.

If you need a good template I'd need to dig among the last packages I
reviewed. There was a really good postinst doing exactly this.

I tried the dpkg-override way (I took mlocate package as reference) but
I didn't find a proper way to reset ownership/permissions when the user
chooses not SUID without resorting to chown/chmod commands. Thus I left
the chown/chmod commands.

Your text then should also include the name of the group (probably
and that the sysadmin should add users if they're supposed to use the


b) which users should be added to the group interactively

I would need some help here. Can you point a good document (or
better, an example) on how to interactively add users to a group
using debconf?

I was thinking of the libc version asking for which processes need to be
restarted. Not sure though if that's useful considering that e.g. sudo
leaves this to the sysadmin too. I guess we can live with just the
and SUID-no question in debconf.

OK. Fine for me also.

Unfortunately, due to problems with mentors site (I've already contacted
the support team to find a solution) I haven't been able to upload the
new changes. Once the problems are sorted out I'll ping you again. In
the meantime you might find the latest changes in the git repo
(sorry for the inconvenience):


Best regards!


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