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Re: decibel-audio-player

On Sun, Sep 04, 2011 at 11:58:11PM +0100, Michael Tautschnig wrote:
> Hi,
> You might want to contact the Python Apps packaging team directly, but most
> likely your project membership should immediately give you (write) access to the
> subversion repository. I suppose you have already read
> http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/PythonAppsPackagingTeam/HowTo
> which provides more appropriate information for your use case then the URL you
> cited.
> Hope this helps,
> Michael

Hi Michael,

I wrote to the list of python, but nobody has responded,
current maintainer suggested i go to irc #debian-python?
but, my english is not good enough for that, very slow response :/

I think the problem is more technical than anything else,
thanks for responses :)


Linux Debian User

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