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Re: RFS: parcellite 1.0.2~rc5-1 (updated package)

* Andrew Starr-Bochicchio <a.starr.b@gmail.com>, 2011-09-14, 23:59:
I'm looking for a sponsor for my package parcellite. I would also appreciate it if the sponsor would set the DM-Upload-Allowed field.

I might be stricter than some, but for me this is a no-go. According to my interpretation of the DM process, this flag should only be set by a sponsor that is familiar with your work and has confidence that you can maintain the package without supervision. I don't think one upload is enough to know this.

This is also my understanding.

And that is your prerogative. That's why I haven't set the field myself. If you'd care to sponsor the package as is, I would appreciate it. If someone else, most likely one of the people who have already sponsored this package I've maintained since 2008, trusts my work and would like to both upload it and set the DM-Upload-Allowed field, I would be twice as appreciative.

If a sponsor if familiar with your work, then surely he's also aware that you are a DM. There's no need to mention it in your RFS mail. :)

Jakub Wilk

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