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Re: RFS: diet

Le 13/09/2011 21:53, Sylvestre Ledru a écrit :

I will sponsor it once logservice is accepted but could you change a few
things like:
* remove the DM-Upload-Allowed fields
ok (done)
* update the description.
This is too short:
Description: DIET grid middleware - agent
  DIET is a grid middleware that implements the Grid-RPC model.
  This package include agents necessary to run a DIET hierarchy.
ok (i fleshed out long description, short description are kept under the 60 characters limit recommended by the new maintainer guide)
* write a debian/watch file
DIET website requires to fill in a form before downloading sources and then sends a password (which changes with every release), so it's not possible to have debian/watch file.

* write a repack script which removes the content of:
ok (it only contains an unreleased library: boost/process required for unit tests - Boost licensed -)

I will review more deeply this package in the future.


Thank you


Haïkel Guémar
Software Engineer - SysFera

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