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Re: RFS: lcmaps

Op 12-09-11 15:41, David Bremner schreef:
> On Mon, 12 Sep 2011 00:36:53 +0200, Dennis van Dok <dennisvd@nikhef.nl> wrote:
>> lcmaps-basic-interface - LCMAPS header files for plug-in development
>>  lcmaps-globus-interface - LCMAPS header files for plug-in development
>>  lcmaps-openssl-interface - LCMAPS header files for plug-in development
>>  liblcmaps-dev - LCMAPS development libraries
>>  liblcmaps0 - Grid (X.509) and VOMS credentials to local account mapping
> Hi Dennis, 
> Thanks for the contribution, but what is it?
> Seriously, you are more likely to attract sponsor interest if you give
> at least the package long description in your RFS.  Perhaps the short
> descriptions could be improved as well.

Oops, you're right, this isn't very informative at all. I copied the RFS
template and forgot to fill in a full description.

The short descriptions have been fixed in the control file so that will
be in the next version.

LCMAPS is middleware for the Grid; it is a pluggable framework that
takes credentials as input (X.509 proxy certificates with VOMS
extensions) and outputs the user and group identity to use with the
credentials. This allows for multi-domain user authentication and mapping.

To use LCMAPS you need at least a client application (such as a Globus
Toolkit gridftp daemon) and one or more plugins (packaged separately).

For more information see

How about that? Is that a reasonable description?


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