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Re: RFS: slurm 0.4.0-1

Hallo Joachim, hi *, 

Am Thu, 8 Sep 2011 17:49:08 +0200
schrieb Joachim Wiedorn <ad_debian@joonet.de>:

> Matthias Schmitz <matthias@sigxcpu.org> wrote on 2011-09-08 13:17:
> > home of the source is already git.debian.org [1]. Or did you think
> > its better to have a downloadable .tgz around? 
> On http://git.debian.org/?p=users/matthias-guest/slurm.git;a=summary
> you have only the detailed changes of your debian package. But I think
> the "original" upstream source package should be everywhere
> downloadable as file (tar.gz or similar) for the rest of the world.
> Usually this download area is joined with the main homepage of a
> package. These components could be created on Alioth. Really this
> make some more work.
i started a new upstream homepage at Github and added the url to
debian/control and debian/watch. I uploaded the new package to mentors. 

Best regards,

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