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Re: Shared libs dependencies


Le 23/09/11 14:28, Ole Streicher a écrit :
> Gergely Nagy <algernon@balabit.hu> writes:
>> Or, to put it in other words: Depends lists the packages your library
>> depends on, shlibs lists the libs that packages built against your lib
>> should depend on.
> So, this means that in the usual cases (like my one) this file looks
> like
> libwcs 4 libwcs4 (>= 4.8.1-1)

I think
libwcs 4 libwcs4 (>= 4.8.1)
would be better to ease backporting (a putative backported package would
have a version like 4.8.1-1~bpo1, sorting before 4.8.1-1).

Regards, Thibaut.

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