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duke University contact


I try to find the licences of a software developped at Duke university
by a PhD student "named" William T. Rankin / wrankin@ee.duke.edu. the
software is dpmta[1] but as you can see all the links are broken.

when I look into the code, there is no LICENSE file but the header of
the files in the code says.

*  dpmta.h - include file for DPMTA data structures and prototype
*    declarations
*  w. t. rankin
*  Copyright (c) 1994 Duke University
*  All rights reserved

so my question is what is the license of this library ?

Is there someone from Debian inside Duke University that could find the
original tarball who can tell me what is the original license of
this softwares developped at Duck during the 90'th.

thanks for your help


[1] ftp://ftp.netlib.org/utk/misc/sw_survey/urc/html/220.1.html

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