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Re: RFS: spotweb (third version)

Hi Jan-Pascal,

> On my request, upstream has added an explicit LICENSE file detailing the
> (BSD-3-clause) license. Up to now, the license wasn't in the source
> package itself. I've also changed to packaging to use debhelper instead
> of cdbs.
> The new .dsc is at
> http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/s/spotweb/spotweb_0~20110818+git9fcd44c4-1~pre2.dsc


I've taken a look at your package and have the following comments:

- debian/compat says 5 but your require debhelper 8 in debian/control.
- I don't see where you migrated to debhelper from cdbs!?
- Please try to convince upstream to produce release tags - using git SHA1 in
  version numbers means that essentially you can only do a single release on any
  given date.

Other than the above, your package looks pretty ok. In your changelog, however,
you indicate that this packaging is preliminary. I suppose the next version will
be a releasable one!?


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