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Re: Becoming DM [was: Re: Tracking RFSs as bugs]

Hi Chris,

> I think what I meant was that part of the social contract, if I
> understand correctly, is that we're all here to become DMs/DDs, not
> just to get our packages uploaded by someone else and walk away. So
> why is it that DDs sponsor packages and not people?

In the ideal case, and this is largely where I started my sponsoring activities
from, I'd only mentor a few people. Indeed I used to have (and sometimes still
have) a lot more interaction with the people behind those packages than just the
occasional "uploaded." email. I used to ask people what their long-term
intentions were, tried to understand their background, etc.

It was around the 4-days-proposal that I decided to trade quality for quantity.
Sadly, this trade off had to be made.

I'd still be happy to mentor (more) people if someone were interested in getting
into this mentoring relationship; but so far most people seemed just happy with
getting their package uploaded, apparently not caring about more than that.

> Debian has a steep learning curve - I've been running several Debian
> systems for ~9 years, packaging for ~2.5 years and still have tons
> to learn. I would greatly appreciate the ability to correspond with
> someone about issues which arise for me *before* I have a package
> ready for review - or even which are only tangentially related to my
> package(s) but relevant to my broader understanding of Debian and
> the journey towards DM.

As said above: I for one would be perfectly fine to offer this kind of mentoring
to you. I'm not sure whether you had ever had a negative answer to such a
request for mentorship - have you ever asked for it (before)?

> FWIW I'd support the use of the BTS for tracking RFSs. For new
> packages, couldn't it be as simple as tagging ITP bugs as "packaged,
> uploaded and awaiting review"? (Not sure about upgrades.)

I believe the workflow could be implemented as simply reassigning the ITP to the
proposed mentors.debian.(org|net) pseudo-package. No need for extra tagging, it
would all come for free.


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