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Re: RFS: mercurial-server

A few words of background on this request:

mercurial-server is a system that allows lots of developers to commit to the same ssh-based Mercurial repository, with sophisticated access control based on ssh keys and a restricted shell so that they can't do anything else. This is similar to what gitosis offers for git, and AFAICT it's a pretty popular package.


mercurial-server was sponsored by Steve Kemp and got into Debian unstable in December 2009. I wrote a blog post about it at the time:


A change in the most recent revision of Mercurial, 1.9, stopped mercurial-server from working - mercurial doesn't offer a stable API, so extensions just have to catch up when it changes. I fixed the problem to make a new revision, 1.2, and put together a Debian release to send to Steve. Unfortunately, Steve is no longer a Debian developer!


The upshot is: this is a popular package that has already been through the process of being ironed out ready to go into Debian. There are a couple of minor Lintian bugs; I've put in the fixes to ensure these are fixed in the next release but I'd rather let them stand in this release, though obviously that's the DD's call rather than mine. The previous version, 1.1-1, fixed some Debian bugs and no further bugs have been filed against it since then. The files are all in place on mentors.debian.net; all it needs is for someone to look over the changes since 1.1 and upload the new version.


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