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Re: Package separation/naming conventions

* Ole Streicher <debian-devel@liska.ath.cx>, 2011-09-23, 13:58:
So, I would get the following packages:

wcslib ....... source package
libwcs4 ...... shared library
wcslib-dev ... static library and header
wcslib-doc ... API documentation
wcslib-tools . tools built with wcslib

My question is not the naming of the binary packages. The original library is called "wcslib", and to maximize confusion, there exists somewhere else another (not compatible, less used) library for the same task, called "libwcs", which is part of a "wcstools" package. To avoid naming confusion, I would like to name all packages "wcslib";

If you believe that shared library name is confusing, then convince upstream to change it.

however lintian doesn't like my idea to call the shared library package
"wcslib4". Can/should I ignore this warning since I have a reason to do

You can. You should not. :)

I found some other packages (namely zlib1g) where the package name does not match the soname.

This is not a very good example. The Debian package name is like this for historical reasons. (And you don't change shared library package name without very good reasons, especially not when it has over 1900 reverse dependencies...)

And if I shall use "libwcs4"; should I then also use "libwcs-dev",
"libwcs-doc" and "libwcs-tools" for the other binary packages?

Not necessarily.

Jakub Wilk

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