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Re: RFS: pyskein

* Jason Gerard DeRose <jderose@novacut.com>, 2011-09-15, 15:49:
You build-depend on language-pack-en-base. There's no such package in Debian.

Okay, I removed `language-pack-en-base` from Build-Depends, but unfortunately the Python3 bug I mentioned hasn't been fixed after all:


I seem to accomplish the same thing with a Build-Depends on `locales-all` as I did with `language-pack-en-base`, so that's what I'm doing now. The package correctly builds in a sid pbuilder environment:


Anyone have any advice on this? Is a Build-Depends on `locales-all` okay, or is that a no-no?

It's not a no-no, but also not something I'd personally happy about. I'd rather depend on locales and generated the needed locale at build time.

Thanks for the amazingly quick review!

Oh, no, that was not a review. That was merely a statement that your package was in such a bad shape that was unreviewable.

Now lintian complains:

E: python3-skein: missing-dependency-on-libc needed by usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/_skein.cpython-32mu.so
P: python3-skein: no-upstream-changelog
W: python3-skein: new-package-should-close-itp-bug
E: python3-skein: python-script-but-no-python-dep usr/bin/skeinsum
P: python3-skein-doc: no-upstream-changelog
W: python3-skein-doc: new-package-should-close-itp-bug
W: python3-skein-doc: embedded-javascript-library usr/share/doc/python3-skein-doc/html/_static/jquery.js
I: python3-skein-doc: possible-documentation-but-no-doc-base-registration

(This is not a review either.)

Jakub Wilk

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