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Re: RFS: roxterm (updated package)

Tony Houghton <h@realh.co.uk> writes:

> [Note: I'm not sure whether I should remove the personal addresses from
> To/Cc, especially in George's case. Please let me know what you'd
> prefer. I'm subscribed to the list so I don't need the Cc, but I'm not
> bothered about receiving extra copies either.]

[Please always Cc me]

>> ${shlibs:Depends} should be set by debhelper to the minimum version
>> required by this package upon version information from the library at
>> build time. If you are using a feature that is only available after
>> libvte9 1:0.28.1-2 but the dependency says 'libvte9 (>= 1:0.24.0)'
>> then it is a bug of libvte9 package.
> That is, more or less, what's happening, so I'll move the bug to
> libvte9. In case that takes a long time to fix should I manually
> override the dependency?

Yes you can, just put the right version in Depends. However this means
when building with older version of libvte one has to manually adjust
the Depends field as well.


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