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Re: RFS: open-axiom

On Sat, 03 Sep 2011 16:07:39 +0400, Igor Pashev <pashev.igor@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have upload new version without
>  "./contrib" and "./src/include/xpm.h".
> The latter is going to be removed in upstream,
> that file is from very old Axiom version.
> "./contrib" is not used now and has unclear license mess:
> "./contrib/texmacs/COPYING" says about GPL-3,
> but sources are BSDL or GPL (1?).

I guess that makes sense to me about contrib. It might be possible to
fix by asking upstream for clarification what that COPYING file is meant
to apply to.

Removing xpm.h alone would not be a good reason to repack (although
here, there is no real pristine upstream tarball), but since you are
repacking anyway, OK.

I'm rebuilding as we speak. By the way, parallel build support would be
nice ;).


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