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Re: reportbug: support for mentors.debian.org pseudo package

On Fri, 30 Sep 2011 23:27:28 +0200 Arno Töll wrote:

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> Hello Michael,
> On 30.09.2011 21:57, Michael Gilbert wrote:
> > Then let's get mentors officialized to tear down this barrier!
> This is not something I or you or anyone else could push forward right
> now here. This is something which needs consensus among Debian
> Developers and a DPL accepting that. And, finally some DDs who would
> need to be delegated there.

> Feel free to open a thread on debian-devel and/or get our beloved DPL's
> opinion on that matter. Eventually you should find two developers first
> which would agree with you pushing things forward here.

I will do that.  Thanks for the suggestion!

> > In my opinion a term like "contributors" would be much more
> > empowering.  It would better convey the fact that this is as a place
> > for new contributors to work together, learn, evolve, and grow within
> > the project. 
> We are all contributors. Those who need the mentors.debian.net and those
> who don't. There is still room for improvements left.

We're also all developers, and some of us are maintainers, but we're
not necessarily described by those words in a Debian sense. I'm not
trying to eliminate ambiguity in the labe; as that's essentially
impossible when reducing a very broad thing to one word. I am however
arguing for a more empowering reduction.  And as can be seen on
debian-devel, there is plenty of other ambiguity that already needs
resolving.  Perphaps I should chime in on that discussion.

> > I agree, I chose this approach since it's possible to implement right
> > now; although it's certainly fragile (certain changes to the mentors
> > pages will break the scraping algorithms).  A soap based interface
> > would be wonderful!
> In fact, I noticed there is already a SOAP interface. Apparently nobody
> used it since 2+ years though, so it may be working or not, but it seems
> ok, generally speaking:

Great!  I never thought to check whether it already existed and
there is no documentation to indicate that it did (or it isn't obviously

Best wishes,

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