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Re: Re: RFS: libroxml

I corrected several points and uploaded new packages, see
http://debian.libroxml.net for the full list

Here is a direct link to the .dsc file ;-)


My comments:

* I didn't used quilt for patches because there is currently no
difference between the debian package and the original tarball except
the debian directory in which quilt paches should be stored, and I
don't really understand how to deal with this (kind of the egg and the
chicken problem for me)

* What do you mean when you says that the file
/usr/share/common-licenses/GPL is unversioned? I replaced it with
/usr/share/common-licenses/LGPL-2.1 and this file is (as mentioned in
copyright) already present on debian systems

* If I remove the libroxml0.postint file or remove the ldconfig, I got
lintian warnings :
      W: libroxml0: maintainer-script-empty postinst
      E: libroxml0: postinst-must-call-ldconfig usr/lib/libroxml.so.0

Any comment & feedback are welcome.

Thanks again for your time

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