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Re: RFS: libapache2-mod-socket-policy-server (an Apache2 module for serving Adobe socket policy files)

On 09/22/2011 03:32 PM, Daniel Kauffman wrote:
> Adobe Flash Player (since version will not open a socket
> connection to a server unless the server first authorizes the
> connection via an Adobe socket policy. This module serves these
> policies. (Adobe uses a non-standard protocol for serving these
> policies, hence the existence of this module.)
> Adobe socket policies are configured using XML.
This is exactly what should be in your long description!!!

> There is no upstream, so it seemed appropriate to create a native
> package... is that incorrect?

What do you mean "no upstream" ? You mean that you are
BOTH upstream and maintainer?

> I didn't see a reference to quilt in the Debian Policy Manual and the
> Debian New Maintainers' Guide section 2.9 seems to suggest that a
> native package is ok where there is no upstream.

No. It's ok to do so when the software is intended only for
Debian (like, the Debian installer for example... I'm not even
sure that's the case, just an example), which isn't your case.

> The native format seems a little simpler. But if I'm missing
> something, and the quilt format is preferable, I can switch to that.
The "native format" has nothing to do with quilt / source format
1.0 vs 3.0. Unless you are doing something specific to Debian.
> And it seems that building against the threaded headers results in a
> module that works with both threaded and non-threaded versions of apache2.
Ok, cool then!


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