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RFS: libroxml

Hi everybody,

I am looking for a sponsor for a project I developped: libroxml.
This is a light XML parsing library developed in C and originally designed for embedded systems.
It provides reading and writing support on XML document as well as Xpath navigation.
It is released under the terms of the LGPL v2.1.

I started it about 3 years ago, and it is now used in several other bigger projects, industrial products.

It is currently packaged in buildroot and openembedded.

compared to other xml library, in my opinion, libroxml brings:
- a very simple API that covers most of a developers needs when dealing with XML.
- handle nicely both valid XML document and XMLish ones.
- the library has a very light footprint on the disk either as in RAM.
- performances are very good specially when first opening a document or doing xpath requests.

libroxml contains unit tests to ensure non regresion.
The RFP bug is already filled (#574668) and all debian packaging is already done and lintian verified (no warning on my debian testing 'wheezy')

The project is hosted on google code: http://libroxml.googlecode.com using SVN.
There is a dedicated webpage with online doxygen documentation: http://www.libroxml.net
Debian packages (.deb / .orig.tar.gz / .diff.gz / .dsc / .changes) for current version (2.1.1) can be found at: http://debian.libroxml.net


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