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problem with "dput debexpo" packet upload

Hi everyone!

I trying to upload new packet to mentors.debian.net, and "dput" shows that upload was finished successfully, but then I receive email with next message:


 Unfortunately your package "instead" was rejected because of the following

 Rejecting incomplate upload. You did not upload None and we didn't find it on either one of our backup resources

 Please try to fix it and re-upload. Thanks,

Command for upload that I used is:
> dput debexpo instead_1.5.1_amd64.changes

My PGP signature is correct, packet technically ok. My ~/.dput.cf file contains recommended config:

> [debexpo]
> fqdn = mentors.debian.net
> incoming = /upload/xxxx@gmail.com/xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> method = http
> allow_unsigned_uploads = 0

but I still can not upload my package. Can anybody help me with this problem? Thanks!

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