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Re: How to startx inside a pbuilder-managed chroot?


From the answers of the other participants of this thread so far, I
think that the simpler solution for your case is to: 

i) Make a minimal sid installation in a usb hard disk with only the
packages contained in the chroot plus the ones you want to test.

ii) Boot the real hardware (the box with the graphics card) from the usb
disk, start X the usual way and perform the tests.

If you want complete security of your normal system's data, unplug the
internal hard disk of the test box whenever you intend to boot from the
usb disk (or make a complete backup beforehand).

This does not answer your original question of course (I don't have a
good answer to that either) but it will allow you to do the job, with a
different type of throw-away test environment.

George Zarkadas

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