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Re: RFS: open-axiom

Greate! Thank you.

OA is uploaded to FTP.

What about other architectures (i386, alpha, powerpc, etc)?
Do I need another sponsor? :-)
How much time does it take for package to appear in repo?

03.09.2011 16:37, David Bremner пишет:
> On Sat, 03 Sep 2011 16:07:39 +0400, Igor Pashev <pashev.igor@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I have upload new version without
>>  "./contrib" and "./src/include/xpm.h".
>> The latter is going to be removed in upstream,
>> that file is from very old Axiom version.
>> "./contrib" is not used now and has unclear license mess:
>> "./contrib/texmacs/COPYING" says about GPL-3,
>> but sources are BSDL or GPL (1?).
> I guess that makes sense to me about contrib. It might be possible to
> fix by asking upstream for clarification what that COPYING file is meant
> to apply to.
> Removing xpm.h alone would not be a good reason to repack (although
> here, there is no real pristine upstream tarball), but since you are
> repacking anyway, OK.
> I'm rebuilding as we speak. By the way, parallel build support would be
> nice ;).
> d

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