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Re: RFS: libroxml

Tristan Lelong <tristan.lelong@libroxml.net> writes:

> There is a dedicated webpage with online doxygen documentation:
> http://www.libroxml.net
> Debian packages (.deb / .orig.tar.gz / .diff.gz / .dsc / .changes) for
> current version (2.1.1) can be found at: http://debian.libroxml.net

In the future, could you provide a direct URL to the dsc, so interested
sponsors / reviewers would be able to simply copy & paste the URL to

(It's easy to find and dget it, but I'm a terribly lazy person, and
would prefer if I could just copy & paste the whole stuff :)

On that note, I'll take a look at the packaging, and will come back with
a handful of cosmetic nitpickings, if all goes well! *cackles madly*


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