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Re: Bug#570621: Parsing output = derivative work? Build-Dep: libqtwebkit-dev Change source code will break translations co-maintainer on parcellite? Copyright of a costumized pixel map image Re: Denoiser: help fro watch file wanted Depends: apache | httpd DESTDIR-awareness [Was: Re: RFS: b43-fwcutter (updated package)] docs are generated on all build machines dpkg-shlibdeps error Example library package? extra licenses Fw: failed hppa build of roxterm 1.21.4-1 FAIL: Package purging left files on system: Git Package Versioning GSoC 2011 project APT/dpkg declarative diversions Guide on using debhelper / dh_dkms to build DKMS packages? Re: Help needed: Bug#618057: dialign: FTBFS: dialign.c:345: undefined reference to `para_read' Help needed: Bug#618057: dialign: FTBFS: dialign.c:345: undefined reference to `para_read' RE: Help needed: Bug#618057: dialign: FTBFS: dialign.c:345: undefinedreference to `para_read' Re: Help needed: Bug#618057: dialign: FTBFS: dialign.c:345: undefined reference to `para_read' Re: Help needed: Bug#618057: dialign: FTBFS: dialign.c:345: undefinedreference to `para_read' I'm the new developer on parcellite, but the debian maintainer for it hasn't responded Looking for a sponsor/ package review : Bug#616126: ITP: authprogs -- A simple wrapper for SSH's resticted commands via pubkey auth Looking for sponsor or mentor for package crtmpserver nested ifeq in debian/rules (makefile) Non standard tar-ball. On diverting an ITP to non-free Packaging Arbitrary Files Parsing output = derivative work? (was: RFS: gnetworktester) pbuilder and ${shlibs:Depends} Performance under pressure: A Teambuilding with Purpose programme Renaming and gzipping upstream changelog RFS: abcl, new upstream release 0.25.0 RFS: adms RFS: adplug (orphaned package updated and adopted) RFS: alarm-clock-applet (updated package) RFS: amphetamine/amphetamine-data RFS: angband (updated package, 2nd try) Re: RFS: antennavis (updated package - resolves FTBFS with binutils-gold) RFS: apt-listbugs (updated package) RFS: authprogs RFS: b43-fwcutter (updated package) RFS: basenji RFS: bashburn RFS: BashBurn Re: RFS: bashburn RFS: blockade upgrade RFS: boodler RFS: cl-asdf (updated package) RFS: cl-launch (updated package) RFS: cppcheck, 1.47-4 RFS: dbxml RFS: debsigs (updated, DMUA candidate :) RFS: donkey (updated, DMUA candidate :) RFS: driftnet (updated package) Re: RFS: fgo Re: RFS: fgrun RFS: frei0r-plugins (upstream 1.3) RFS: gadmin-rsync (adopted, updated package) RFS: gadmin-rsync (updated package third try) RFS: gcc-mingw32 (NMU, RC bug fix) RFS: gdmap (adopting, updated package) RFS: git Re: RFS: git-sh RFS: git-sh (retry) RFS: gnetworktester RFS: gnome-icon-theme-faenza RFS: gnustep-base (RC bugfix) RFS: gnustep-dl2 (updated package, fixes RC bug) RFS: gnustep-dl2 (updated package, fixes RC bug, 2nd try) RFS: goldencheetah RFS: gpick (2nd try) RFS: gpy RFS: gpy - updated RFS: grub-customizer RFS: gtkcookie (many packaging refreshments, DMUA candidate :) RFS: halevt (updated package) RFS: hasciicam 1.1.1-1 RFS: hercules (Non-maintainer upload) RFS: hiredis - Minimalistic C client library for Redis RFS: homebank (updated package) RFS: ibus-sunpinyin (updated package) RFS: ipband (updated package) RFS: jappix RFS: java-xmlbuilder (new package) Re: RFS: john (updated package) RFS: kpartsplugin RFS: libapache2-mod-qos (updated package) RFS: liblastfmlib Re: RFS: libmk4-2 new version with quilt RFS: lilo (updated package, RC bug fix) RFS: mail-notification (RC bug fix, NMU with maintainer's approval) Re: RFS: mail-notification (updated package) Re: RFS: mdk (adopted, updated the packaging a lot) RFS: micro-inetd (updated package) RFS: minidlna (updated package) RFS: mpg321 (updated package) Re: RFS: nautilus-image-manipulator RFS: ne (updated package) Re: RFS: new package for speeding up speech RFS: obmenu (updated package) RFS: open-gram (updated package) Re: RFS: openteacher RFS: pauker (updated package) RFS: pcb2gcode Re: RFS: pdnsd (new maintainer) Re: RFS: pdnsd (QA upload) RFS: pdnsd (updated package) RFS: peak-linux-driver RFS: phing RFS: phing (second try) RFS: phing (third try) RFS: pidgin 2.7.11-1~bpo60+1 RFS: pidgin-latex RFS: pius (updated package) RFS: piwik RFS: plowshare RFS: pms (updated package) RFS: pycxx (updated package) Re: RFS: pycxx (updated package) + feedback wanted RFS: pysolfc (replacement for removed package: pysol) RFS: python-crypto (adopting package, fixes FTBFS) RFS: rgbpaint RFS: roxterm (updated package) RFS: roxterm (updated package, 2nd try) Re: RFS: scidavis (updated package) RFS: scidavis (updated package) - FTBFS RFS: scim-sunpinyin (updated package) RFS: sciteproj (updated package) RFS: sic (updated package/adoption) RFS: socketcan-utils RFS: spek RFS: spice RFS: subversion (updated package) [lenny-backports, 1.6.12dfsg-5~bpo50+1] RFS: sunpinyin (updated package) RFS: the mingw-w64 toolchain Re: RFS: tomb RFS: triggerhappy (retry) RFS: ttylog (updated package) RFS: udisks-glue Re: RFS: ulatencyd - Daemon to minimize latency on a linux system using cgroups (2nd try) Re: RFS: webhoneypot RFS: wmmixer (orphaned package) [try 2] RFS: xlog (updated package - fixes Segs fault upon startup) RFS: xnbd - a Network Block Device client with support for Live Migration (second approach) RFS: xsunpinyin (updated package) Struggling to remove old config files. Subject: RFS: john (updated package) Subject: RFS: makedev (updated package) ubuntu keyring? unsuscribe upstream source also includes a .pdf without source upstream source contains .gif files Re: upstream source with debian directory uswsusp package Watch file for inconsistently versioned simple C-source download Re: Watch file for inconsistently versioned simple C-source download what if upstream provides debian build directory XDM-OPTIONS beta 2 - need testers / feedback The last update was on 17:05 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 434 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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