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Re: pbuilder and ${shlibs:Depends}

> My Debian package uses ${shlibs:Depends} in its Depends field.
> However, in a pbuilder environment not all dependencies are installed,
> and hence ${shlibs:Depends} does not expand to *all* real dependencies.

I believe that this variable will only resolve libraries which you
depend on (and you need the -dev package in the build dependencies). It
will never find a executable which you need to RUN your program.

> My question is: how do I add the missing dependencies?
> a) Put them in Build-Depends so dpkg-shlibdeps can find them? (ugly)

I believe this WON't help

> b) Drop ${shlibs:Depends} and list them manually?
> c) Something else?

Add the missing dependencies manually AND use the variable. (At least
this is what I do in all my packages.


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