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On diverting an ITP to non-free

Dear all,

I have already put much work into fulfilling an RFP on
GNU Rush, only to be made aware by the FTP-masters
of the fact that the package source includes a texinfo
document (and no manual pages), which contains an
implicitly Invariant Sectionsince it allows distribution
__with__ front-cover and back-cover. Thus this particular
GFDL-1.3 instance is non-free in our view.

Not imagining myself to ever intend to bother about the
non-free category, I am now prepared to make an exception,
butvI run into the problem of understanding whether my
packaging should mark this as non-free, or if my sponsor
simply deposits the package in a non-regular NEW-queue?

Best regards,
  Mats Erik Andersson, DM

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