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Re: RFS: git-sh

Hi Alessandro,

On 28 Feb 2011, at 17:54, Alessandro Ghedini wrote:
> Can you please provide a dgettable source package (maybe via 
> mentors.debian.net) or use git-buildpackage instead of a bare git 
> repository? They make easier to build and review your package. 
It was already there, but I forgot to include the link[0].

> Also note that the watch file of your package is broken: you should replace 
> 'v(.*)\.tar\.gz' with '(.*)\.tar\.gz' to reflect upstream tags. In addition 
> the version you are packaging (1.0.20100401) does not exists upstream 
> (which has only version 1.0). These issues make your package to be not 
> buildable.
Upstream has just released version 1.1 so I repackaged on top of that.

> If you want to maintain your packages using git, I suggest you to use
> git-buildpackage [0] and git.debian.org [1] (you may also want to join
> the collab-maint group on alioth [2]).
Thanks for the suggestions. I have sent a membership request. Until then I've updated my GitHub repo[1].

> Apart from this issues, there are some others:
> - You are using a deprecated revision of the DEP5 format (current 168) [3]
>  Also note that tha Maintainer field (Upstream-Maintainer in the newer 
>  revisions) is meant to point to the **upstream** maintainer.
> [...]
> - The upstream license is wrong, should be something like:
> [...]
> - You are using old Standards-Version (current 3.9.1)
> - You are including not modified README.source (you can just remove it)
> - You should remove unneeded comments from the rules file
> - You may also integrate your patches with the DEP3 guidelines [4] (if you 
>  use git-pq(1) shipped with git-buildpackage, this is done automatically)
> - The upstream CHANGES file is installed automatically by 
>  dh_installchangelogs, you dont need to install it with dh_installdocs
All fixed, I hope :) Except for DEP3-style patches, I'm leaving that for later.

Thanks a lot for looking at my package!
-- Alex

[0]: http://mentors.debian.net/cgi-bin/sponsor-pkglist?action=details;package=git-sh
[1]: https://github.com/alex-morega/git-sh

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