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Re: Packaging Arbitrary Files


Thanks for responding!  I've tried the conf.d file as well and it give me the same errors.  In any case, I've have other custom config files that I am going to need to overwrite/customize so my main question still applies.  How do I get past the overwrite issue. 

I just found that dpkg by itself has a -force-overwrite switch.  So I tried that and it seemed to work, but now I am unsure of how to add that to my package so that when I install from aptitude I will get the same results.

Also, Is there any way to find out if there are files marked as a conffile inside a .deb package file? 

Thanks again!


On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 1:34 PM, Noel David Torres Taño <envite@rolamasao.org> wrote:
> I've got a package which inclides some arbitrary web files.  I'm adding
> them to the install file and packaging it up and it installs fine.  Now I
> want to add the file /etc/apache2/apache2.conf file to my package so that
> when I install, it overwrites or adds my custom configuration to the
> system so that I know it will serve up my web pages.  Unfortunately, on
> install I am getting an error.  It is telling me that it is trying to
> overwrite the existing apache2.conf file which is also in the the apache
> package, and then it bails.
> The weird thing is that I deleted the existing config file and tried it
> again and it gave the same error.
> Sorry if this sounds like a very elementary issue, but I've been
> searching/reading for two days and still nothing.  Hopefully somone can
> share a solution with me.
> Thanks!
> toddaa

A package can not overwrite config files of another package (either if they
exist or not is irrelevant to the point, as long as their are listed as
conffiles) without a Replaces tag.

In any case, are you SURE you need to touch the general Apache config file?
Can not you use the /etc/apache2/conf.d directory for your purposes?

er Envite

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