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GSoC 2011 project APT/dpkg declarative diversions

�I am pursuing bachelors in engineering and my majors is in Computer Science.I am planning to apply for GSOC 2011 would like to work with Debian over my summer vacations.
I've been using open source operating system since last 2 years and�ever since I went open-source there was no turning back�.
I've learned C++ and java @ school .Now here in college i'm studying C and Python(linux platform),getting a good grip of it and I'm really�fascinated�by the python�language as well as C is evergreen�language.
Familiar with building softwares from the source code, using svn now here �I'm seeking some guidance so that I can start contributing to the OpenSource�community.By the time with GSoC starts , I would be done with my university exams and so I am interested in doing some C or Python based project during my summer vacations.
Well among the several intriguing projects listed on the ideas page of GsoC 2011 , as �I �would like to get more informations about APT/dpkg declarative diversions...

Awaiting reply�

Rahul Gaur
irc : iamaregee2/iamaregee
blog : aregee.wordpress.com
fb: http://facebook.com/iamaregee

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